Headteacher's Message

Mr. John Karanja – Head Teacher, Secondary School

The Nairobi Academy Secondary provides a friendly and inclusive environment for any child wanting to make the most out of their education. Our school has a very close and welcoming atmosphere which is apparent from the moment you step onto campus providing a safe, stable and conducive environment in which to thrive holistically. We are deliberate on parental engagement, data driven decisions, embedded professional development for the faculty and child protection.

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The level of consideration and care that teachers, learners and especially Form Tutors provide is astounding. Everyone genuinely wants each learner to succeed and will do their utmost to help them reach their full potential. This is reflected in the lengths the faculty go to in order to help leaners achieve their goals, with a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs and societies, student-led assemblies, outdoor education in trips and excursions and booster tutorials after school providing a place where you can explore your passions, dreams and academic success. Sports is also heavily catered for as we have the facilities to accommodate high-level sportsmen and women offering opportunities for excellence.

We believe that every learner can achieve highly in academics and that teachers can offer the highest quality of instruction given support and time to grow. We encourage every learner to develop the attitude of scholarship and excellence, to cultivate agency and efficacy and to exercise independence as well as collaboration for high academic achievement and holistic growth.
We host many different cultures and nationalities creating bonds for life. The inclusivity, the friendships and the overall experience are unforgettable. There’s never a dull moment no matter where you are or who you are with. We as a community support each other and help everyone make the most out of all of the opportunities and experiences we offer, we truly want every learner to be the best they can be!

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