Pastoral Care

The Nairobi Academy prides itself on the quality of its pastoral care: wellbeing, positive behaviour management, student life, PSHE, Careers Education and Guidance, co-curricular engagements, talent and competencies development, vibrant sportsmanship, leadership and student voice, community service learning, international mindedness, structured mentorship, alumni and guest speaker series, power mornings, and many other robust programs.

Every member of staff understands that their primary duty is to ensure learners at the School feel safe, happy and have a sense of community. We are deliberately committed to Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Both the academic and support staff receive regular briefings and training on the ways in which we can show support to children as they navigate their way through getting older and meeting the challenges of life at school, in the workforce and life in an exciting multicultural world.

At the heart of the pastoral work at The Nairobi Academy is an attention to the learner as an individual to help them flourish and excel in every aspect of their school life. The school works closely with parents and a bond forms between the learner, home and school which helps the individual feel safe and cared for. The Pastoral Department organises regular Parents’ Talks and Seminars addressing pertinent and emerging issues affecting our learners.

Pastoral care is organised through the three Key Stages:


Key stage 3

Years 8–9


Key stage 4

Years 10–11


Key stage 5

Years 12–13

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