Boarding Life

Our school offers boarding facilities for both male and female students in our Bentley Hall Boarding House. We have a team of dedicated staff working closely with the boarding teachers to provide boarding students a home away from home experience.

Described by our learners as ‘home away from home’, our boarding has a caring family feel, which enables everyone to be an individual, just as they would be in a family. Catering for learners from 13 years to 19 years and from multiple countries and backgrounds. Our small number in boarding houses provide the intimate family feel that we all value so much. Add to this, the usual family comforts you would expect in a home, along with home-made food and a range of activities to choose from, and you can be sure you will feel comfortable.

Situated in the cool environments of Karen and within the school compound. This means it is convenient and safe to operate between the school and boarding houses

We have a home or apartment setup which provides learners with the privacy they want and at the same time the communion they need. Each house has three bedrooms. The house is also self-contained with at least one bath and one toilet. Most have two baths and two toilets. Students are at liberty to choose their roommates although we advocate for learners to board with other learners within their key stage for support.

The houses also have external gazebos which provide a place for the learners to rest and recreate. In addition, the girls boarding facility as well the boys boarding facility have spacious and comfortable lounges equipped with DSTV. When you do not want to watch TV, the learners have access to the school’s Wi-Fi for study and a little recreation.

In addition to the boarding facilities, the school has an Olympic size swimming pool which learners can use under the keen supervision of our qualified swimming instructor. If swimming is not your thing, you can enjoy playing basketball, cricket, tennis, squash, soccer and even rugby after school and during the weekend. You can also build your brain power with any of the following board games while enjoying quality time with other learners; Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble and yes! Snakes and Ladders.


06:00 AM        Boarders wake up

07:20 AM         Boys leave for breakfast

07.30 AM        Girls leave for breakfast

07:45 AM         Boarders leave the Dining Hall for their respective classes

10:20 AM         Break time snack in the Dining Hall

03:30 PM         Afternoon snack in the Dining Hall

03:45-04:30 PM     Boarders return to the Boarding House, change into home cloths, free  time, and interaction with the Boarding House Parents and consultation with any available teachers.

04:30-05:30 PM     Various activities of choice that include: jogging, basketball, football, rugby, board games and badminton. Personal revision in rooms or outdoors.

05:30-06:20 PM     Boarders freshen up for dinner and Quiet Study Time.

06:20 PM        Boarders leave for dinner

06:20-06:50 PM     Dinner Time

07:00-09:00 PM     Quiet Study Time in the Dining Hall except Friday. On Fridays, Boarders mostly play board games or watch a movie.

09:00-11:00 PM     Back to the Boarding House, preparation for school, polishing shoes, ensuring that all the home learning is done, interaction with the Boarding Parents, watching TV.

10:00 PM        Sleeping Time for Year 7, 8, 9 and 10.

11:00 PM         Sleeping Time for Year 11, 12 and 13.

07:00 – 7.40 AM    Boarders wake up

08:20 – 8:50 AM     Breakfast in the Dining Hall

09:20 – 12:00 PM     Quiet Study Time in the library.

09.20 – 1.00 PM    Adventist students attend service in church

12:00 – 01:00 PM    Free time/ personal laundry

01:00-02:00 PM     Lunch time

02:00-03:00 PM     Free time

O3:00-05:00 PM     Activities (Swimming, soccer, basketball…)

05:00-06:20 PM     Boarders freshen up for dinner

06:30-07:00 PM     Dinner in the Dining Hall and interaction with the Boarding House Parents, board games, badminton, movies

10:00 PM    Boarders go back to the Boarding House.

10:00 PM    Bedtime for junior boarders

11.00 PM    Bedtime for senior boarders

08:30 AM        Waking up time

09:30-10:00 PM     Breakfast time

10:00-11:00 PM     Preparation for church

11:00-01:30 PM     Church service. Those who do not go to church usually stay in their rooms, tidy up, watch TV, study or simply play football.

01:00-02:00 PM     Lunch time

02:00-04:00 PM     Free time

04:00-05:00 PM     Various activities including going to the gym, jogging, basketball, board games, football, personal study

05:00-06:00 PM     Freshening up for dinner and Study Time

06:20-06:50 PM     Dinner

07:00-08:00 PM     Quiet supervised Study Time

08:00-10:00 PM     Preparation for Monday, clothes are checked, shoes, books for Monday, necessary kits.

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