Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership

In Nairobi Academy Parents place of play is immensely appreciated. The leadership, parents and teachers, work in collaboration with each other.

We recognize that children are in their learning ages. They are learning new things daily and they are getting established into a whole person. For a child to be equal to the ever changing world, character formation is key, and it is our collective responsibility to teach them, educate them, help them, and encourage them. In this respect, parent’s effective engagement is coveted for success in the high partnership programs that run in the school all the year round.

Parents are an integral component of good school organisation and as a culture, their contribution in the overall growth and development of the child and the institution are highly recommended in Nairobi Academy. The school is committed to augment the parent’s efforts in academic, moral support and confidence building

We encouraged parents to network with each other and with the teachers. They are accessed to rightful channels of communication for learning feedback and review as well as in nurturing of gifts and talents. The school offers a variety of platforms of dialogue during parents orientations, counsellors meet, parent-teacher conferences, walk-ins, electronic mailings and school assemblies.

Parents also play a role in training the children from home in the various drives that the school participates in collaboration with and for the community. In the spirit of unity, our school is apt to give assistance to the needy and charity to the less fortunate. The parents have always crowned these drives through the children.

Each parent is of worth in Nairobi Academy.

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