Reports to: Head of Secondary

DIRECT REPORTS: Homeroom Tutors, Year Group Coordinators, Head of Sports Department, Club Patrons

LEVEL: School Leadership Team-SLT

DATE: 1st September 2021


In addition to serving as a teacher, Deputy Headteacher Pastoral also provides oversight and support for all student activities carried out within the Academy campus. The holder of this role oversees student discipline by developing effective intervention techniques and promoting student accountability for actions; develops and regularly reviews the student code of conduct with the Deputy Headteacher Academic; helps develop and organize regular student activities and events in conjunction with other members of the faculty; coordinates and evaluates extended leadership development activities; helps develop and manage the budget for incidental expenses related to the activities program; and handles emergency or crisis situations appropriately as they arise.


General and Administrative Responsibilities

  • Maintaining a positive, purposeful ethos within The Academy, ensuring a welcoming, respectful environment for all community members
  • In conjunction with the Deputy Headteacher Academic,  draft termly calendars and school routine that best supports holistic education
  • Providing leadership to the pastoral staff on co-curricular enrichment, activities, initiatives
  • Guiding and supervising individual teachers to provide frequent and corrective feedback and to ensure that agreed best practices are being implemented in all areas
  • Ensuring that school events and trips are learning activities are aligned to pastoral objectives that support Nairobi Academy’s Mission, Vision and Values, and are conducted with due attention to student safety
  • Being a visible, engaged presence within the school’s community, among students, teachers and parents
  • Providing constructive ideas to the Management Team, advocating for matters of importance to student affairs, yet making and supporting decisions in the interest of the whole school
  • To organise and/or deliver pastoral INSETs and induct new staff, parents and pupils to school expectations
  • Attend INSETs and external courses/workshops to ensure own professional growth
  • Seek and follow up on admissions enquiries
  • Ensure Homeroom displays meet the expected standards aligned to values based education
  • Formulating and publishing of the staff duty rotas, duty zones and duty expectations
  • Oversee Careers Education and related activities such as higher education fairs, work experience and parental education
  • Ensure staff meets all pastoral deadlines for efficiency in pastoral activities
  • To teach a 0.5 timetable in a given subject [max 12 hours]

Safeguarding and Children Protection

  • The Deputy Headteacher Pastoral is the Designated Child Protection and Safeguarding Officer. In this role, s/he will undertake safeguarding training as will be required, in addition to any other training and remain abreast of key developments, policies and procedures in this area
  • Ensures that the School and its entire staff remain committed to safeguarding and child protection; and that all members of staff (both teaching and non-teaching) have appropriate training and guidance to ensure that they are equipped to discharge their responsibilities in this respect
  • Ensure the implementation of the school’s Child Protection Policy
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a pastoral strategy for the school and provide oversight to ensure  effective and efficient use of all resources assigned to Student Life (financial, human and other)
  • Provide oversight on Health and Safety issues within the school, including those relating to risk assessments, fire regulations and maintenance

Behaviour management

  • Ensuring that the highest standards of discipline are maintained, incidents are dealt with in the most appropriate way in order that the Code of Conduct is implemented consistently and effectively
  • The Deputy Headteacher Pastoral will have the authority to determine levels of appropriate sanction up to, but not including, suspension and permanent exclusion
  • Lead and manage the system of rewards & celebration of student achievement and sanctions and work with staff to ensure consistency in the use of rewards and sanctions   
  • Monitor and review the behaviour management approaches and procedures 
  • Monitor the attitude, behaviour and appearance of students and take action where needed
  • Ensure that the school’s discipline policies are upheld by students and staff

Pupil involvement and leadership

  • Create opportunities for student involvement in exchange programs and interactions with partner schools
  • He or she will ensure that appropriate opportunities exist for pupils to become involved in leadership activities and for the views of pupils to be reflected in decision-making and development planning
  • Oversee the Student Voice [prefects, student council], surveys and feedback
  • Ensure balance in sports teams to avoid instructional time loss for some students
  • Responsible for the organisation of community service, life skills training, Year Group pastoral trips and the running of Clubs and Societies/activities

School Organisation

  • ïGeneral responsibility for scheduling and planning of co-curricular activities
  • ïPlanning the  school calendar with the Deputy Headteacher Academic
  • ïOversight of supervision arrangements and duty allocation, ensuring that all areas of the School are appropriately supervised
  • ïManaging the detention system
  • ïOversight of Year Group and gender assemblies and events
  • Planning and oversight of major events, both within the Academy in collaboration with the Deputy Headteacher Academic


  • Positive school wide behavior, code of conduct, rewards and sanctions,
  • Values based education: relevant weekly themes, class virtues, robust PSHE General Studies Curriculum
  • Effective intervention techniques and promoting student accountability for actions
  • Activities that promote community service, leadership, entrepreneurship
  • Purposeful assemblies: presentations, whole school, house, gender, class, boarding
  • A robust co-curricular activities calendar
  • Efficient evacuation and duck & cover procedures
  • 100% transition of students across the Key Stages


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field
  • At least 3 years in a similar role at a reputable institution
  • Understanding and experience in applying theories of student development and learning outcomes
  • Ability to sustain communication with diverse stakeholder groups
  • Conflict management and resolution skills, and maintain a strong philosophical base for student activities
  • Ability to think on one’s feet and provide practical solutions to emerging unforeseen challenges
  • Demonstrated superior organizational  and operational skills
  • First aid certified with passion for young people and their character development


Working with Others

  • Sound understanding on team synergy and widening staff participation
  • High level of emotional intelligence and empathy in dealing with other staff
  • Demonstrates collaboration skills of facilitating and listening, and generating ideas
  • Excellent inter-personal and communications skills
  • Team player with a collaborative approach to colleagues

Operational Excellence

  • Ability to use data in decision making, tracking student behaviour, monitoring programs and evaluating their effectiveness
  • Broad understanding on event management and discipline

Creativity and Innovation strategies

  • Proficient in the use of current educational and communication technologies
  • Initiates  and pilots new approaches activities and ideas to the school calendar
  • Contributes to the development of quality assurance and objective staff review

Business Know how

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Drafts clear requisitions w.r.t budgetary allocation

Working with Change

  • Flexible, adaptable to change and a good change manager
  • Develops a culture of improvement in school activities


  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Strategic and forward thinking
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Group facilitation and coaching
  • Prioritization of multiple tasks
  • Collaborative skills to complete complex projects with teams with diverse opinion


  • Managing and monitoring all academic requisitions and budgets and advising respective direct reports
  • Auditing departmental resources before any requisition is made

How to apply

Apply before Friday 21st October 2022 to

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